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Knitting passion benefits premature baby units

We have an MCP colleague who knits garments anonymously for premature baby units across Yorkshire in their spare time.

Baby knit socks for premature babies

Our compassionate colleague was so moved by a story of a premature baby that had passed and was wrapped in tissue as the hospital didn’t have any small clothes to dress the baby before handing the baby to its mother that she felt moved to do something to make sure that hospitals premature baby units have clothing suitable for even the smallest of babies.

Knitted socks and hood for premature babies

Our colleague likes nothing better than creating beautiful knits for some of Yorkshires smallest premature babies. Its not just clothes she knits, her creations include: bootees, gowns, cardigans, mittens, hats and bonding squares (two knitted squares that regularly get passed between the baby and mother, so each have the scent of the other with them at all times.)

Premature Baby

Can you help? We are rallying around to donate pastel coloured; baby, 4-ply and double knitting wool and selections of small buttons to create more garments to benefit premature babies across Yorkshire.

Full baby outfit for premature babies