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Service: Radon Testing & Mitigation

Radon Testing & Mitigation

As one of a handful of RADON service providers in the UK, following a successful tender process, MCP have been awarded a 5 year contract with a housing association to install, collect and provide all mitigation follow-on works.

Damian Godward & James Gregory, heading up our Surveying Division, which includes Radon services, says in the past couple of months, our Radon division has secured various new contracts and this award underpins our property compliance offering to our existing and new clients.

What is Radon?

Radon is a naturally occurring gas that can affect properties of all types, ages and locations. The gas is formed when uranium in the soil and rocks beneath us decays. When it permeates the ground into the open air, it is diluted to low concentrations, however if it rises into a building, it can become trapped and build to dangerous concentrations.

When concentration of the gas is high, the radioactive decay products are inhaled can be deposited into the lungs, where they continue to emit radiation. Each year in the UK, it is estimated around 1,100 people die from lung cancer, developed as a direct result of exposure to radon. The gas accounts for the second greatest number of lung cancer cases in the UK.

Within our Radon service offering, we can provide:

  • Consultancy
  • Equipment
  • Radon Surveying
  • Radon Testing
  • Radon Mitigation

Whether you are a homeowner or purchaser who as part of the solicitors searches has raised concern over radon, or are you an employer looking to gain a radon risk assessment conducted, MCP can help, our friendly team are available at 01274 601021 or enquiries@mcp-environmental.co.uk

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