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Asbestos Management Services for Community Hub

MCP Environmental are making community halls safer for everyone through asbestos surveying, analysis, removal and encapsulation.

Following a recent management survey, the local community hall was found to contain asbestos thermal pipework insulation that had deteriorated. The survey identified that this should be removed as a matter of urgency.

MCP Operative in confined space

MCP conducted licensed removal and encapsulation works on the deteriorated Asbestos Containing Material (ACM).

The works were conducted in confined spaces in a void area under the stage. Co2 monitors were used to ensure the safety of removal operatives. Some of the pipework was inaccessible and required encapsulation and clear identification for future removal consideration.

MCP operative by the stage

The project also presented challenges with regular stock deliveries, requiring careful logistics planning around the decontamination units and waste station due to limited car parking. MCP worked over the bank holiday to ensure the project was completed on time.

Under the stage area