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Staff leave the car at home for sustainable travel

MCP staff are leaving their car keys at home as part of our commitment to sustainable travel through the West Yorkshire Travel Plan Network.

Staff welcomed the initiative to jump on the train and bus to work and leave the traffic jams behind.

Natalie with Kalyn use the bus to work

Natalie, Bob and MCP Chaiman Mitchell are some of our early adopters of the programme, using public transport for their daily commute and to attend client meetings.

Find out how they get on below:

Day 1

Administrator, Natalie said: “Leaving the car at home seemed a little strange but avoiding the usual traffic bottle necks was a refreshing change. My commute was definitely more relaxing, with my son taking a nap on the way to work while I caught up with the news in the Metro. The journey home allowed me and Kayln some mum and son time which you just don’t get driving home in rush hour.”

Technical Administrator, Bob said “I leave home a little earlier to catch the buses to work. I was really impressed that the Keighley bus was on time and clean, the bus from Bradford Interchange was on time and really busy. On the way home I bumped into a friend on the bus, we caught up and before I knew it I was at my stop. I used 5 buses today and I am looking forward to trying the Trains once the weather improves, because I have further to walk to and from the Train Stations, I will keep you informed how the month progresses.”

Bob uses the bus and gets the chance to catch up with friends.

West Yorkshire Combined Authority Travel Plan Network said: “We are delighted MCP are members of the Travel Plan Network, as we strive to cut the number of cars on the roads through promoting and encouraging sustainable modes of transport to local businesses.”

Managing Director, Andy Stubbs said: “We are proud to be part of the West Yorkshire Combined Authority Travel Plan Network, anything we can do to reduce pollution through actively encouraging our staff and suppliers to use public transport will reduce cars on our regions roads and improve air quality.”

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