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MCP Assists Archaeological Dig

MCP Environmental are providing services to the principal contractor, The Mace Group and their archaeology and ecological partners Wessex Archaeology and ECUS UK Ltd at an archaeological dig in South Yorkshire.

Services provided include full asbestos provision including awareness training, site supervision, testing and analytical services.

MCP Operative consults with Wessex Archaeology

The 1848 cementation furnace in Sheffield is grade 2 listed and is the only remaining intact steel making furnace in Great Britain. The dig is helping all stakeholders to carefully uncover some historic structures and artefacts hidden by a previous car parking and banking development.

MCP operative surveys the site.

MCP provided a non-licensed asbestos watching brief as the 4-week excavation process took place. Due to the industrial, hazardous nature of the site and sub-strata.

MCP operative at the archaeological dig

MCP’s competent persons were available around the clock to inspect and advise upon excavated soils within the made ground and to take samples as required to reduce the risk of asbestos exposure to the lowest practicable levels for all stakeholders in full compliance with Control of Asbestos Regulations (CAR) 2012.

MCP Operatives peruses site plans.

Suspected asbestos containing samples were sent for laboratory analysis to identify for the presence of asbestos and full site segregation measures were put in place whilst results were delivered to site.

MCP operative at cementation furnace

John Smyth, MCP Asbestos Removals Operations Manager: “Although, MCP has extensive experience of land remediation projects and has carried out a range of non-licensed and licensed land remediation tasks, this is our first appointment with the Mace Group and their partners. We are absolutely delighted to have been appointed.”